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Choosing A Monument

At Duvall & Moore Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we work with monument suppliers from all around the world, to ensure the best selection and quality Monuments are offered to our customers. Our knowledgeable staff can guide  you in selecting a monument that best suits your wishe's and budget.

What is the Purpose of a Monument?

A monument is a visible and lasting remembrance of our loved one.... A tribute to the life they lived.... An expression of our cherished memories. A monument completes the final resting place of our family member. It is important that friends and relatives for generations following will be able to come and remember or learn about the life of their dear one. And, as we visit that place, to reflect in the accomplishments, character, and faith or our loved one.

When to Purchase a Monument

There is no set time in which a family monument is to be purchased. The placement of a cemetery marker is, in itself, a type of healing, and expression of care for our loved one who has left. Therefore those closest in family tie will feel when it would be appropriate to go ahead. To follow one's loving instincts is more rewarding than to feel pressure.

It is also beneficial to spend some time to determine what would best speak of the love, joy, character, and faith of our loved one. To some, this may be months... to others, years.

What Type of Monument is Best for Us?

It is most important, when purchasing a monument, that the type we choose speaks of our family member as we feel it should. The double wing and double heart uprights leave a sound message of love and togetherness for a couple. The single heart carries a similar theme for an individual monument. The standard upright is always a good choice, and individuality is obtained in the choice of lettering and artwork on the stone.

To some, informality is important, and this can be achieved by cutting the upright into one of many "nature" profiles. For others, the pillow slant or flat marker may be the right choice in the memorializing of a simple lifestyle.

What Should Be Written On a Monument?

Much of what is said on a monument is straightforward. Along with standard factual information, at times a nickname is included, or the family name on the back of the stone. The lettering style itself can indicate something formal or flowing about the person's character.

The epitaph, or "loving words," part of the monument leaves more room for thought. It can be as simple as "At Rest," or as involving as a verse of Scripture. Perhaps "In Loving Memory" or "Ever Remembered, Always Loved" says what our hearts feel of our loved one. Be creative, but above all take care to choose words that one can feel at peace with.

Granite... The Best in Monuments

As a monument is to mark the final resting place of a family member for hundreds of years and more, granite is the material of choice. It is one of the hardest substances known to man, easily lasting longer than concrete, marble, and bronze as monuments.

Monument granite is nature's finest. Quarried from the most dense and uniform deposits, and chosen for its even grain and colour, the stone itself is a thing of beauty. It is sawn, ground, and polished to a mirror-like finish with no materials added and nothing to weather away. In the hands of the monument craftsman, granite becomes a permanent work of art.

What Artwork Should Be Included On a Monument?

The artwork or design part of the monument is often a very personal part of the work. It becomes a visual remembrance of our loved one, and serves to remind us of their interests, occupation, character, and devotion. This may be in the form of a simple deep carving of a favourite flower, or detailed etching of a familiar mountain scene. Duvall & Moore, we have many designs to offer in deep carvings. We would also be pleased to show you the very personal art form of granite etchings and the infinite individuality that can be achieved.

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